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Cartier Luxury Watch Market

All around the world, the name Cartier is recognized as one of the finest luxury watch and jewelry manufacturers in the industry. Throughout the years, Cartier has wowed their audience with new watch models and jewelry designs competitors would never think of.

Many people like to categorize watch models into ‘male’ or ‘female’ watches. However, now in age, many women have been compelled to buy larger watches and men have given in to diamond-covered watches. Of course, some watch models may appear too bulky to be considered feminine or too sparkly to be considered masculine but all-in-all Cartier watches are for everyone.

Throughout the years, Cartier has developed some incredible watch models that have marked their place in the watch hall of fame. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most iconic Cartier watch models for both him and her.

The Cartier Santos Luxury Watch Market

In 1904, Cartier released the world’s first wristwatch, the Cartier Santos. While many versions of this watch have been released throughout the years, the Santos continued to carry some signature aspects. 

These design traits include the square case shape, screw design on the bezel, simple guilloche Cartier engraved dial, and the date window (implemented on larger models). 

When Cartier introduced the Santos with a metal bracelet and exposed screws, consumers went wild over the modern design. Sales in Cartier Santo watches skyrocketed in 1978, now this watch is described as classic and timeless tall watch enthusiasts.

Today, Cartier kept in touch with their roots with the Santos 100 model which features their classic 1980s aesthetic. This is the perfect watch for those who enjoy an elegant yet powerful

The Cartier Tank Francaise Luxury Watch Market

Inspired by the military tanks of World War I, the Cartier Tank collection quickly became the everyday watch for royalty, leaders, and celebrities. This Art Deco-designed timepiece was one of the most genius designs Louis Cartier ever created. 

When the Tank Francaise was released in the late 1990s, it was to act as a sportier version of the original tank. The chain-linked bracelet was designed as a representation of the caterpillar tracks of the World War II tanks. 

This watch collection is offered to consumers in all yellow gold, stainless steel, or in a combination of steel and gold referred to as ‘two tone’. For a fancier or more extravagant look, buyers consider getting diamonds on the bezel of this watch. 

The Cartier Ballon Bleu Luxury Watch Market

As mentioned earlier, many watches are usually labeled as being for men or ladies. Cartier was able to design the most universally loved watch, the Ballon Bleu. This collection was the first Cartier model that carries a genuine unisex design.

Being one of Cartier’s most popular and youngest models, the Ballon Bleu was released to consumers in the mid-2000s. This circular case seamlessly wrapped around the watch leaving a loop for the watch’s crown. The crown carries a blue cabochon sapphire that controls the hands displayed on a flawless guilloche engraved roman numeral dial. 

This elegant yet classic watch model is offered in yellow gold, rose gold, stainless steel, two-tone, on a bracelet, on a leather strap, and even covered in diamonds!

Cartier Calibre - Luxury Watch Market Audemars Piguet

For a very long time, Cartier was only recognized for their jewelry items and their dress watches. However, Cartier introduced their very first legitimate sports watch model in 2010 called the Cartier Calibre. 

Aside from its alluring sports-like design, the Cartier Calibre’s internal movement was one of the most innovative mechanisms created in the very own Cartier workshop. 

Having more complications, the Calibre de Cartier Chronograph introduced a stop-watch function to the Calibre’s design. Another version of this model, Calibre de Cartier Diver, introduced serious water resistance and a rotating bezel to the Calibre. 

Luxury Watch Market Cartier

When it comes to owning a Cartier watch, one should know it’s pretty much like having money in the bank. Whenever you’re looking to buy a Cartier, sell a Cartier, repair a Cartier, or trade-in a Cartier, you always want to make sure you’re dealing with experts. 

Aside from breathtaking watches, Cartier has also made some of the most iconic jewelry collections of all time. To this day, the Cartier Love Collection is one of the most successful jewelry collections in the world. Like the Juste Un Clou Collection, Cartier used a contemporary design of construction tools to craft beautiful accessories.

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