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Hublot Luxury Watch Market

For being one of the youngest brands in the luxury watch industry, Hublot has definitely succeeded in making itself known and loved around the world. Hublot watches are manufactured in Switzerland and they’re one of the most sought-after watches internationally. Hublot makes watches for both men and women and they pride themselves in representing the “Art of Fusion” within the watch world. 

Established in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, Hublot was the first watch brand to incorporate the combination of precious gold and rubber into their timepieces. Crocco’s goal in this design was to make a timepiece that is universal, sturdy, and alluring at the same time. With this foundation, the iconic style of Hublot watches came to be. 

In French, the name ‘Hublot’ translates to ‘Porthole’, hence the watch design resembling the look of a ship’s porthole. Consumers were drawn to the watch details such as a minimal black dial, the fusion of satin and high polish finishes on the case, and the all-natural rubber strap. 

Luxury Watch Market Hublot

The main aspect that sets Hublot apart and makes them so desirable to consumers is their style. These sporty watches had many new perks within the rubber strap alone. Other high-end watch brands didn’t even think of using a rubber strap to complement and contrast the watch face. 

Not only is their design stunning, Hublot rubber strap watches are so comfortable when sitting on the wrist that many who own them use them when playing sports or even doing manual labor. Many say wearing a Hublot is so comfortable it feels like they’re not wearing a watch at all. 

Today, one can find Hublot’s headquarters in Switzerland and see how all of their timepieces derive from there. If one were to tour around Hublot’s headquarters, they’d find rooms filled with watchmakers and machines near their benches. 

Every watch gets hands-on attention and is built from ground zero. In this very facility, Hublot not only makes the watches but they quality control and test the watches there as well. Every watch that leaves its premises has not only been perfected externally but tested several times for quality and performance. 

Popular Hublot Special Editions

Throughout the years, Hublot has released a series of Special Edition watch models and collections. Some of these collections include collaborations with celebrities or renovated versions of a classic model. One of these special edition Hublot watches is famous for being the most expensive watch in the world called ‘The Five Million Dollar Watch’. 

One of their successful collaborations with a celebrity is the Hublot Classic Fusion Shawn Carter. In this release, Hublot worked with Shawn Carter (a.k.a. Jay-Z) and allowed him to design the entire watch to his liking. Giving a notable edge to the watchmaker, Carter worked with Hublot to add this unique timepiece to the list of celebrity collaboration models. 

The dial of the Classic Fusion Shawn Carter features a cutout of Jay-Z’s personal logo, the Maltese Cross symbol. Underneath the cross cutout, the ultra-thin manually wound Hublot HUB1300 caliber is visible for admiration. 

On the solid part of the dial, the Hublot symbol is missing and the name ‘Shawn Carter’ is displayed. Available in a variety of precious metals, this watch can hold up to 90 hours of power reserve and can be purchased in Barney’s or Hublot boutique stores. 

Another iconic collection Hublot has released is the Formula 1 racing edition. Since Hublot was an official sponsor for Formula 1, they worked together to create the Hublot F1 King Power watch. 

Hublot limited this release to only 250 pieces, making it extremely desirable and rare to own. The design of this watch features a bright red dial, rubber chronograph pushers, and a Hornback alligator leather strap. This watch not only looks heady duty but was made for tough wear. 

In one of their latest releases, Hublot worked together with Basketball All-Star Ray Allen on three different watch models to help fund diabetes research. Together, Hublot and Ray Allen released the Ray Allen King Power, Ray Allen Big Bang, and the Ray Allen Classic Fusion. The proceeds collected from the release of these three timepieces were all donated to research for diabetes. 

What Makes Hublot So Special

Something that sets Hublot apart from other luxury watch brands is its matchless customer service. Regardless of where their clients are located around the world, Hublot will go above and beyond to please their customers. 

Ask any collector or watch lover about Hublot’s customer service and anyone who knows, knows. Whether someone buys directly from the Hublot boutique or from online from the comfort of their home, Hublot treats all situations equally. They’re always determined to solve any issues they may have. 

Luxury Watch Market Hublot

When it comes to owning a Hublot watch, one should know it’s pretty much like having money in the bank. Whenever you’re looking to buy a Hublot, sell a Hublot, repair a Hublot, or trade-in a Hublot, you always want to make sure you’re dealing with experts. 

Finding a reputable luxury watch and jewelry buyer/seller can become overwhelming, especially when it comes to luxury swiss watches such as Hublot. Its vital one does accurate research about a luxury watch and jewelry dealer prior to buying or repairing their watches with them. 

At Gray and Sons Jewelers in Miami beach, clients can rest assured they’re in good hands. For over 41 years, Gray and Sons Jewelers has been handling the needs of all Luxury watch market Hublot and luxury jewelry. We know the ins and outs of all things having to do with the luxury watch market Hublot. Call or visit us to learn more about how we can help you understand the Luxury watch market Hublot.

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